Monday, 6 November 2017

I love my whanau

I love my dog Frankie he’s 3 and he’s a cheeky little dog.Frankie sometimes rolls in died fish and eats it i have know idea why but he does .Also Frankie eats my food when i'm not there sometimes when someones here Frankie go’s crazy and pees every where every at night Frankie seacrtly eat chocolate its really annoying because it not good for dogs at all. Frankie is a shiz sho lahsa hafe poodle and Frankies toy are called BA Na Na rakes and sews. Frankie is really aggressive if you wined or make Frankie angry and you touch him he will bit you to death and he will growl at you and attack so please don’t make Frankie. Also Frankie is a strange dog he reads and opens the door.   


My mum is called chelsea and shes a gardner shes 30 years old and she works at cleaning job her favrotie coler is purple and her hoby is to clean the house and she sleeps alot.

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